Thursday, April 9, 2009

New Drivers Auto Insurance - The Quick Tips to Lower Your Insurance Premiums

By Nicholas Vernon
How much do you pay for your teenagers auto insurance? No matter what it is I imagine its to much. Having a teenager on your insurance policy can make premiums go up by %250 or more. There are several guidelines to follow to make sure your premiums don't go to high.

These tips can help you lower your payments but in some circumstances they may not work.

-- Send your teenager to safety classes. A lot of insurance agencies offer classes to allow for parents to lower their premium payments. Reductions from these classes often amount to about 10 percent.

-- Make sure the car your teen drives is as safe as possible. The type of car and its safety score will determine how much the premiums are. Good quality mid-sized sedans are the best option.

-- Preventing your teen from having accidents is crucial in keeping your payments as low as possible. Some parents ride with teens for the first for few days or weeks to make sure they know how to drive.

-- Another way to cut your payments is to get a new insurance provider. The best way to get a new policy to get multiple quotes online. In order to find the best deals you must get 4 or 5 quotes. Just getting one quotes significantly limits your chances of getting a good deal.

Where do you get quotes at online? There are many places to get quotes online, a simple search on Google will yield 30 plus results. All these sites are good in their own ways.

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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Travel Insurance - Tips on Whether You Need it Or Not

By Tiffany Provost

Like most people planning on an overseas holiday, you'll likely have quite a bit of your own money invested. Even though it may cost a little extra, don't overlook travel insurance. There are various types of travel insurance available, including medical, trip cancellation insurance, and medical evacuation insurance. Travel can give you peace of mind when travelling, but you don't necessarily need it in every situation. Here are some tips to help you decide determine if you really need travel insurance.

Step 1: You will need medical insurance. Medical coverage is a must unless you're staying in the country. If you are beset by a medical emergency overseas, not having medical insurance may leave you with huge bills from a foreign hospital. For a little extra money per day, you can rest assured that whatever illness or mishap besets your family while you're

Step 2: If you're overseas with someone who has ill health, or your travel destination creates a risk of bodily harm, think about getting insurance coverage for these particular needs. If you are injured and require sophisticated medical attention, emergency medical evacuation insurance will cover the traveler to be taken to the closest best-care facility. This kind of cover is imperative if your life is in question. Some insurance plans already include 'med-evac' coverage, so get your facts straight before buying separate coverage.

Step 3: The longer in advance your trip is booked, the more important it is to think about trip cancellation coverage. If you secure bookings at the last minute, it is most likely that your plans will remain stable. But if you have a long lead-time for your trip, you just don't know what contingencies may arise in that time frame. Emergencies can't be predicted, so having trip cancellation coverage gets your money refunded if you don't go. If you don't have it, your travel agent does not have to give a refund of any payments. If you've planned ahead a fair way, don't get tripped up by red tape, make sure you have that trip cancellation insurance.

To get an idea of some of the types of travel insurance, check out the web for special deals. Go to medjetassist and totaltravelinsurance travel insurance plans so you can relax on your holiday.

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